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       Costa Blanca - Alicante - Vega Baja

       The Costa Blanca is located in "El Levante Español", the southeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain in the provinces of Valencia and Murcia. It is a strategic location with excellent connections to the rest of Spain and Europe. This is due to 'El Altet International Airport (Alicante) and a perfect network of road and rail links with major Spanish cities and the realization of the AVE (high speed train).

       The Costa Blanca has over 220 kilometers of coastline with clear sea and wide and long sandy beaches. 300 days / 2800 hours of sunshine per year at an average temperature of 22 ° C. This wonderful climate and beautiful sea with its Blue Flag award winning beaches have attrackted millions of travelers to this special place to explore and enjoy. More about the climate ... (link to internal tab 'Climate')

        The nature of the Costa Blanca is mainly characterized by the Mediterranean but also by flat, fertile fields and mountains with beautiful views. The province of Alicante is the second most mountainous in Spain. It shows the Mediterranean landscape and its diversity its wealth is owed mainly to rivers like the Rio Segura and the Rio Vinalopó. Nature is endlessly diverse: countless palm trees (four variations), pine, carob trees and fragrant plants and herbs in the valleys and mountains with forests form a beautiful landscape. And in the south of the province lays the horizon of flat fertile agricultural areas, ecologically important wetlands and salt lakes (with many species of birds like flamingos) marked by mountains, unique sand dunes, sandy beaches and palm trees.

       In the interior of the province, as in our area of the Vega Baja, the beauty and charm of the Mediterranean climate does it justice it. There are natural resources which are characterized by landscapes with a wealth of contrasts. Dry and irrigated agricultural areas, valleys like those of Hondón, a fertile agricultural region with vines, endless orchards of citrus, almond blossoms (in the early spring), olives, cherries and much more, interspersed with mountain areas with ravines and peaks of up to 1500 meters.

       The historical sites of different civilizations and the mix of traditional gastronomy, traditional arts and many festivities are unique in the world. In this area you can find as much peace and quiet as you like, but if you are looking for the hustle and bustle of the nightlife it is available to suit al ages. In the Vega Baja "Castellano" (the official Spanish language) is spoken and in the northern parts of the Costa Blanca Valencian is the most widely spoken regional language.

       Some of the many towns and villages near and in our area:

       Alicante is the provincial capital. The boulevard 'Explanada' is the busiest point in the city and is an excellent starting point for discovering the historic city. There is a multitude of choices for culture (museums), history (castle), beach, walks in the "Casco Antiguo" (old city) and the parks, entertainment and food and drink in 'El Barrio', etc.

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       Elche is the third largest city located in the Valencian community. It is the city with two entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List: the 'Kiwi' (a beautiful park with some 200,000 palm trees!) And for the 'Misteri the Elx with sites that go back even to prehistoric times, this is all part of the very rich history, perfectly preserved in monuments and museums.

       The Rio Vinalopó cuts through the city in a beautiful park. Elche is also famous for its shoe industry that, despite fierce competition from the oriental, still manages to maintain its position. In this cultural city you may let yourself be surprised by the traditional and very tasty cuisine.

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       Orihuela is situated some 25 km inland but extends as a congregation through the "Huerta" (horticultural areas) still out to the coast (Orihuela Costa). It is the capital of the Vega Baja in a commercial function and many monuments that depict a rich history. The "Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a religious climax of Orihuela in Spain.

       The Rio Segura limits in a beautiful way the old and new town and is an essential resource for the very fertile valley with endless fields and orchards.

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       Murcia is the capital of the province and also has a beautiful historic center where many activities and a vibrant nightlife are waiting to be found.

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       On the website www.costablanca.org you will find much more information. This website is in English and also gives information on all other villages and towns in the Valencian Community.

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